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Totally true stories that definitely 100% happened, I swear you …

r/thatHappened: Sure Jan, I totally believe you. Everyone clapped at the end. This is a place for posting people telling outrageous tall tales that …

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thatACTUALLYHappened: /r/thathappened with proof

r/thatACTUALLYhappened: For all those moments where you didn’t think it happened, you were 100% sure it didn’t happen, but, it did indeed, happen.

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10.4k Likes, 401 Comments – @poundlandbandit on Instagram: “ …

10K Likes, 401 Comments – @poundlandbandit on Instagram: “”

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Fans on Reddit agree that Thewlis’ take on John Dee actually adds more substance to the story and the character’s development over the . r/thatHappened Most …

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Reddit Thathappenedthere were a few key developments that happened that year. … Explore the r/thatHappened subreddit on Imgur, the best place to discover …

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